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Here is the page deticated to the one and only Michael "Bus Mike" Wright


Michael "Bus Mike" Wright stopped to ask directions to his next destination.

He stayed a few days before moving on.


Hey all you folksI just wanted to say !



"On the Road Again"

Michael "Bus Mike" Wright

3/21/17 - 9:45 pm - Michael "Bus Mike" Wright passed on.

Michael is now free to hit the road again. "The Road" is a journey of spirit and what greater spirit to take that turnoff than our boy Michael.

I can hear him bitchen' and grumbling a midst the squeaking and rumbling of that familiar bus rolling down the road.

I can see the bus rising slowly off the highway. As the wheels leave the ground a silence comes over the bus leaving only the squeaks of a well sailed ship and the familiar whistle of the wind blowing past the side mirrors.

Now as the bus becomes a tiny speck in the sky I listen carefully. I let time pass by and just wait. I know it is coming. . . then as planned I hear it just as I remembered it. Michael's head held high and the howl “Faaaar out”

I love you my brother. I'll catch you on the way back.



Mike's email is busmikieroaddog@gmail.com but really I'd like to send him something to him too. I'll still check it once in a while.



A very cool video shot at slab City this year !

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These messages started 1/9/2017 the older messages are here The messages are about his condition as he got weaker I'm not sure they are not very relevant any more.

Thank you Jessica Shine

for taking such good care of our Michael.

Michael absolutely hates the whole idea of the internet.

But he finally gave me permission to make this page about him

Any stuff you would like to say or send me to be put on this site you can contact me at playbackmike@gmail.com

Mikey Fowler's Website is www.mikeyfowler.com